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Discover why refurbished computers are better than new ones

We will even throw in a 5% discount for your next purchase from us.

Cost Effective

All Batteries Tested

12 Month Warranty

Upgradable To Suit Your Needs

SSD Drives in all our laptops

Great stock availability

Free Delivery

7 Day "No Hassle" return policy

Feeling unsure about purchasing a refurbished computer?

There is just something about the word “refurbished” that makes us question how long the product will last, and if it will still work in a couple of months…

Here at Radical Refurbs, every product is quality tested to ensure that you get a product that works at the best possible price. We even throw in a 7-day “hassle-free” return option

Have you ever felt frustrated because you have to jump through hoops like a circus monkey to return a product?

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing something, wanting to return it, and being met with a list of tasks and procedures you need to do before you can return your product.

You literally get sent around from pillar to post like a circus monkey to return the product.  Here at Radical Refurbs, we throw in a 7-day “hassle-free” return on all our products. You simply contact us and we will take care of the rest. And no, you do not have to perform any tricks.

Would you like 5% discount on your next purchase?

Enter your details and we will send you a 5% discount coupon that you can use on your next purchase.

We will also keep you updated with all our latest promotions.

Lenovo ThinkPad T460s Slim Laptop Intel Core i5-6th Gen 8GB Memory 256GB SSD
Original price was: R7,995.00.Current price is: R6,495.00. Inc. VAT
Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Ultrabook Laptop Intel Core i5-6th Gen 8GB Memory 256GB SSD
Original price was: R7,995.00.Current price is: R5,995.00. Inc. VAT
Lenovo Mobile Workstation P52 Laptop Intel Core i7-8th Gen 16GB Memory 512GB SSD NVIDIA Quadro P500 Graphics Card
Original price was: R14,995.00.Current price is: R12,995.00. Inc. VAT
Dell Latitude 5400 Laptop Intel Core i7-8th Gen 16GB Memory 512GB SSD
Original price was: R10,995.00.Current price is: R8,995.00. Inc. VAT

Does battery life of a refurbished laptop concern you?

Nothing worse than buying a mobile desktop in the shape of a laptop because it has 0 battery life.

We test every battery and ensure that every unit has nothing less than 2 hours of battery life available.

Struggling to find a computer that meets your requirements?

Either there is not enough memory, or the hard drive is just too small to meet your requirement?

Do not worry, we offer upgrade on all our equipment. Simply contact us, tell us what you need and we will gladly put together a price-efficient solution for you.

We also offer discount on bulk corporate requirements.

Need to purchase computers for your office? We got you covered. We specialize in supplying corporate organizations with bulk equipment and will have you up and running in no time at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.