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Refurbished Laptops

Contrary to popular belief, a refurbished Laptop is not always a second-hand laptop. It might not be a used laptop at all. Computer service companies that specialize in refurbished laptops initially get the systems from a variety of sources, including:

  • The models which customers return either because they no longer want them or because of faulty components.
  • Used laptops the service company bought.
  • Models which were on display in stores.
  • Previously leased systems.
  • Laptops which come from a device exchange program.
  • Models which companies withdraw when they upgrade to newer systems.
  • Laptops with damaged packaging.

From that point on, the authorized service disassembles each laptop. They check the condition of the battery, the quality of the screen, the power supply, any loose connections, the HDD, and the optical drive, and look for potential faulty components.

After examining, cleaning, repairing, and restoring a laptop to its factory settings, the device is certified to be in a similar condition to a brand new device. Then, the company releases it to the market with a discount.If a company does not follow the above procedure before the sale, then that device is not refurbished, and we can consider it a used laptop.

The benefits

The most significant advantage of refurbished laptops is that we can get much a better price than its brand new counterpart.Additionally, a refurbished laptop comes with a warranty, although it will typically be shorter than the warranty from the manufacturer. Most sellers offer a one-year warranty, but we will also find refurbished laptops with six months warranty or less.

Furthermore, we can find refurbished devices which are almost unused or even brand new in some cases; especially if we refer to sales-floor models or units which just had damaged packaging.So, if our budget is low, refurbished laptops can save us a decent amount of money with little compromise.

What to be careful about

When we look for refurbished laptops, the reliability of the store plays a vital role. Especially if we see deals that are too good to be true on shoddily made websites, such as 90% discounts on high-end Alienware laptops.

Each laptop manufacturer has authorized service affiliates, some of which specialize in laptop refurbishing and rebuilding and feature their own service centres.

It is in our best interest to make sure we buy refurbished laptops from companies that abide by the manufacturer’s official service procedures. In this way, we get the higher possible quality on any model we choose.

We should also make sure the refurbished model has at least one year warranty. Even if we are getting it at a steep discount, a warranty will protect us in case of an unexpected malfunction or hardware failure.